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Ohayo gozaimasu !
Soo, we are officially obsessed with Kanon Wakeshima's CD. It is all so beautiful. Kagami is by far our favourite. It is just so circusy. And we are in a huge circus phaze right now. I wish we could buy it locally. I guess we'll have to settle from ordering it from Amazon Japan when we buy the Vampire Knight DVD Box.

We are making our journal friends only. Mainly because, in all honesty, we just wanted to make a friends only banner. But also, there are some things the public doesn't need to know.

We are going downtown today. We are going to attempt to buy a $20.00 Curious, because we need Curious, and $20 is a deal. We are also going to get a Booster Juice. Yay. Its going to be a good day !
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